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Oxytocin stress & autism
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 Oxytocin News
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- Anxiety reducing

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If you suffer from stress, high blood pressure, elevated cortisol in the blood, or other stress-related symptoms, you will be interested in oxytocin—a hormone which Dr. Kerstin Uväs-Moberg calls the calm and connection hormone.

- Oxytocin research
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 Sociaal gedrag
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 Social cognition
Everyone! Everyone needs oxytocin. Everyone’s body was designed to release Oxytocin.

Some of us have experienced stress and trauma to the point that our body’s natural ability to create oxytocin is depleted.

- Who Can Benefit From Oxytocin
- Oxytocin Improves Social Behav
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 What is Oxytocin?
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- What is Oxytocin?
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- Neuroscience & oxytocin
- How can it do so much?
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 What to expect?
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- What to expect?
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News about autism is almost always controversial, but the latest report that has people abuzz—about researchers who have successfully treated some symptoms of the disorder using a nasal spray of oxytocin.

- Might Oxytocin Cure Autism?
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